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 Game. Set. Match!

Well it started off as just a normal day. I was visiting my family in Las Vegas, NV. for Thanksgiving.  I had just moved to Denver about a month prior to Thanksgiving. Well I happened to download that crazy app called Tinder. I didn't want to be bored while at home. So I matched with this guy and eventually got bored. Later that night, I got back on the app and matched with a guy named Matt. Matt is nothing like the guys that I normally date. Well we went and had some drinks and dinner. It was a good date, but I never expected to see him again. That next morning i woke up to a text from Matt asking me my plans for the day. Turns out Steve is a pilot and he invited me to go do his tour of the Grand Canyon. Which he does 5 times a day. It was the most romantic date I've ever been on. I got to go to the Grand Canyon and my date was the one flying me there! After we got off of the plane we picked up the souvenir picture of the 2 of us and went to dinner. 3 months later and I talk to Steve every day. I'd love to let him see Denver from the sky. He'd love that!


True love transcends time and space!

I'm a veteran, my Husband is a civilian. While deployed he would send me the BEST care packages: full of snacks and pranks to pull on my unit, mostly. He sent me a care package with a dried meal and a post it on it that said, "eat me on Thursday at 7pm". Thursday came, I warmed up my meal, sat on my bed and opened my laptop. Right at 7pm my Skype started ringing. I answered a video call to see him as though I was right across the dinner table from him!! Candlelight dinner and he was eating the same meal!!! It was like I was there, in our kitchen, sitting at the table across from him. It was magical. I transcended space (miles), time (time zones) and a war thanks to him! Even if we don't win, thank you! Thank you for being the most wonderful and amazing person I have ever met... I love you!!!


This one is so cute! We wish we were invited!

-Surprise drive up the California coast to Big Sur, campground up a mountain off of PCH with views of the entire coast, with my favorite wines, cheeses, snacks, chocolates, etc. The absolute best sunsets and experience!


We think your issue started when you said he was a "wine lover."

-We met on an on line dating site.  He told me he was a "wine lover " and asked if I'd like to meet for a glass of wine.  We met and he began to tell me about himself.  He began to tell outlandish tales of his great success in business,  bragging and treating the servers quite rudely.  I told him i didn't think we were a match and got ready to leave.  He asked if i could drive him"home". Turned out he had no car and was living in a shelter! I gave him $20 for cab fare and left as quickly as i could!


Some people can't handle the "Faux Hawk." We are not those people. Be Bold. Own It. Rock it!

-I had met a really cool girl and we shared many interests both professionally and recreational.    The date itself was actually very nice and we created a bond and attachment.  Saying goodbye we kissed and it was very nice, but then when she got home she called me and said she couldn't see me again.  her explanation was: " You are amazing, successful, attractive, interesting, and everything about you says come here and hug me- but your hair says I am here to F--- sh!t up' and I can't get past it.  (mind you I simply have a faux hawk).  never heard or saw her again.


Always use the buddy system!

-My husband and I were dating at the time. We had gone to the Ameristar in Blackhawk for a romantic night. We had smoked a little marijuana before we went to our room, so we were feeling goofy and having a great time. We decided to go to the hot tubs on the roof, and we were about to get on the elevator. Because we were under the influence, we were talking without noticing he was in the the elevator, and I was standing outside of it. The elevator doors closed, and I was just standing there. So for 30 minutes we were searching and searching for one and others in the big ass hotel, then finally ran into each other. We were laughing so hard at what had happened, we were a bit embarrassed. We were so stoned, and that's how we'd lost each other. The night ended well with being in the hot tub and enjoying our romantic evening with incredible sex. And til this day, we still laugh pretty hard about that night. It was definitely a night to remember!


Vroom! Vroom!

-The very first time I met my fiancé was a little over 3 yrs ago. I was sitting in a bar with some friends when a group of people came in celebrating a birthday...my fiancé's birthday. He came over, started talking to me and telling me some jokes. Unfortunately, a friend of his was a little too drunk to stay, so the bar had to ask them all to leave. Just as he was walking towards the door, he came back, dipped me, kissed me, then proceeded to motor boat me and then walked out. Thinking I'd never see him again, I thought nothing of it. But 2 weeks later, some friends introduced me to my blind date for Christmas...it was the same guy! So I guess Christmas was our first actual date, but I think the first time we met was. We've been together ever since that Christmas Day and now we're engaged!


A couple who rides together stays together!

-My boyfriend lived in Vermont and I was going to school in Philly and it was our first Valentines Day together. He was supposed to come down but had car trouble and ended up not being able to make it and he was really bummed. So I borrowed a friends car, drove through the night and surprised him on Valentines day morning in Vermont. With roses.
We spent our first Valentine's day snowboarding at Killington.


Your first issue was the "well tequila!"

-So a few years back I was dating this chick, and I thought she was pretty rad. We were on maybe our 5th or 6th date, attending a fashion magazine release party where drinks were being served. I ordered her a drink and grabbed myself a salty chihuahua with well tequila, and garnished with lime. I delivered her drink, gin and tonic (what a square!) and proceeded to squeeze my lime. It squirted about 3 feet, directly into her eye. Not smooth! She screamed and spilled her drink all over herself. My blood pressure rose to astronomical levels as I attempted to soak the booze up with my cocktail napkin. I was so embarrassed! So was she. We left without her finishing the drink and went to her place. She asked me to open her garage door at the apartment. It was a motorless, tin garage door, and I grossly overestimated the force needed to raise it. I slammed it open and the door rolled off the tracks. Several people came out of her apartment to see what the racket was. Not smooth! There I was, stuck standing in the headlights trying to fix the garage door. Surprisingly enough, she said she'd meet me inside.... once inside things didn't go so well, she was irritated with the absence of suave I'd put on display, and it showed in her coldness. I had to take a leak, so I used the restroom... forgetting to put the seat down. Not smooth! Needless to say, my night was over. My problem? I became my tequila. You are what you drink. From here out, I'm sticking with ARTA. Very smooth.


At least it wasn't you he wanted to marry!

-I had a first date with this guy I met on Match.com and although the date went ok, I was not excited to go out with him again.  He kept asking me out for the next couple of months and I finally decided to give it one more try.  He asked me to go boating at the lake and I thought that would be a fun date.  He drove us there and on the way asked me if he could get my advice on something.  I said, sure, what?  He said, well there's this girl he has been seeing and he was thinking about asking her to marry him.  At this point I am panicked a little thinking this guy is fast tracking our relationship big time.  He said he has been dating this girl named Martha in Minneapolis and he thinks he loves her and it is getting serious and he wanted my advice to see if he should marry her.  What???  I told him he needed to ask a professional counselor that question and to please take me back to my car right now, and to NEVER EVER contact me again.




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