We start with sustainably grown Blue Weber Agave.

Our Blue Weber Agave is grown exclusively on a family-owned farm in Arenal, Mexico. (15 minutes from the town of Tequila in the Jalisco region if you plan on stopping by.) 11 generations of sustainable farming without a pesticide in sight.


Of course, it’s worth the wait. We plant our Agave by hand and we harvest by hand – only when the plants are ready. It takes at least 7 years (often longer) to achieve the perfect sugar content. But as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.”

After 7+ years, what’s another 24 hours?

After harvesting, the hearts of the Agaves – the piñas – are baked for 12 hours. We then rest the piñas for another 12 hours to maximize their natural sweetness.

During fermentation, the yeast is just as important as the Agave.

Most distillers use common bread yeast during fermentation – great for bread but not so great for Tequila. We use proprietary fruit yeast to add complex flavors to our Tequilas. After baking, the piñas are crushed four times to extract every ounce of juice. The juice is then combined with fruit yeast under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller – a 3rd generation distiller. Water from our private aquifer adds even more to the unique Arta flavor. Agave fibers are recycled for brick making and palms compost in the field surrounding the local towns of Arenal and Tequila.

Like everything else we do, when it comes to distillation we push the limits.

Convention says to stop after double distillation. Of course, you probably know how we feel about being conventional. That’s why Arta Silver is triple distilled for an incredibly smooth, incredibly well-balanced taste. Yes, we’re well aware that when we triple distill we “cut the heads and tails off” which means every time we take that extra step we lose Tequila. It’s not that we don’t know it’s that we just don’t care. Taste is everything.

When it comes to aging we ignore the limits completely.

While others are satisfied with aging Reposado two months, we age ours eleven. And while most Anéjos are aged twelve months, ours spend eighteen to thirty months in hand-crafted American White Oak Kentucky bourbon barrels. Our remarkable Extra Anéjo is triple barreled – first in American White Oak for three years, then split between French cognac and Spanish sherry barrels for two more years before finally being reunited. And before you ask, we know that the longer we age our Tequilas the more Tequila we lose to the “Angels’ Share” (a poetic way to describe evaporation). The way we look at it, if we can make a few Angels happy, that has to be a good thing.

The perfect Tequilas deserve the perfect bottles.

Arta Tequila is hand-filled and hand-corked in exclusive triangular shaped, cut-glass bottles featuring our distinct Sugar Skull design. Our bottles are almost as much a work of art as the tequila inside.